City commission adopts ordinance banning use of bows in city

by Angie Asam-Staff Writer

The Onaway City Commission met Monday evening and approved ordinance 2012-04, regulating the use of projectile weapons in the city.

After the commission had discussed and instructed city attorney Mike Vogler to draft an ordinance banning the use of bows, including crossbows, in town the planning commission discussed the matter and voted four to one to recommend that the city give consideration to an ordinance that would regulate the size of the backstop, material and placement but not ban the use completely.

“While everyone on the planning commission understood the logic of the ban, and the potential dangers of practicing with bows with homes so close together, most wondered whether there was a way to increase safety short of a ban,” said city manager Joe Hefele.

Hefele also told the commission that the planning commission felt that archery hunting is a big part of the quality of life in Onaway and the region.

THE CITY commission however adopted the ordinance, which will become effective in 30 days.

The ordinance states that “no person shall discharge or propel any arrow, metal ball, pellet or other projectile by use of any bow, long bow, cross bow, slingshot or similar device within the city limits of the City of Onaway”.

The violation of the ordinance is a municipal civil infraction and can come with a fine up to $500.


The city manager and city police are authorized to issue citations for violation of the ordinance.