Moran Iron Works honored for supporting military employee

by Angie Asam-Staff Writer

Staff Sgt. Matthew H. Cherrette, who is currently serving with the Army National Guard in Afghanistan, nominated Tom Moran and Moran Iron Works for a distinguished Patriotic Award for going above and beyond requirements to support him as an employee.

Friday Peter Pallas, the Ombudsman Director of the Michigan Department of Defense Employee Support of the Guard and Reserve, was in Onaway at Moran Iron Works to present the award to Moran and his crew. Cherrette has been employed by Moran Iron Works since 2010 as a welder and will be returning to the job when he finishes his second tour of duty. Cherrette resides in Rogers City with his wife Heather and their two children Norah, 3, and Mason 18 months.

“We are here today to honor Mr. Tom Moran and Moran Iron Works for the above and beyond performance and support of Mr. Cherrette. This recognizes you as a patriotic employer for supporting an employees participation in America’s National Guard and reserve,” said Pallas.

Pallas then read the nomination written by Cherrette for the award. “To my employer being a patriot is more than just supporting our military and veterans. My boss, Tom Moran, goes above and beyond not only to support me in my endeavors with the Michigan Army National Guard but is very active in the local community as well. Tom even went through the trouble to get a hold of my commander to see what I do in my job and share that with my co-workers. On numerous occasions Tom has told me that he is proud of me and he told my family that if they had any problems while I was gone, he would help out the best he could to take care of it,” read Pallas. Moran then took the stage and said he was very proud to accept the award on behalf of the entire company. “It really has been a group effort. The office staff has really gone above and beyond and I am very proud of all of us for getting this award. Matt has been a model soldier both on and off the battlefield; I don’t think there is anyone here that would disagree with that. He is one of our own,” said Moran.

Peter Pettallia, state representative was also present at the event and offered kind words to Moran on receiving the award. Also present for the ceremony was Matt’s brother Chad, who also works at Moran Iron Works and his wife as well as Matt’s parents Jerome and Vicky Cherrette.