MIW awarded $19 million contract

Consumers Energy signed a $19 million contract Feb. 1 with Moran Iron Works (MIW) for the fabrication of clean-air equipment for the utility’s power plants.

The agreement is part of Consumers Energy’s participation in Pure Michigan Business Connect (PMBC), a public-private initiative developed by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), which connects Michigan companies with opportunities to help them grow and expand.

IT’S A $19 million handshake between John Russell (left), president and CEO of Consumers Energy and Moran Iron Works owner Tom Moran. (Photo courtesy of Moran Iron Works)

“We are very proud of our ongoing relationship with Consumers Energy and this contract demonstrates its commitment to our company and our state. This project provides stability and growth to a region with a workforce that is earnest and able to respond to their needs. Moran Iron Works considers it an honor to be a part of the Consumers Energy team,” said Tom Moran, founder and president of Moran Iron Works.

It’s more good news from the Onaway-based company. A few weeks ago, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation awarded a $2 million Michigan Business Development Program grant for a project at the Port of Calcite in Rogers City, which centers on MIW expanding its Onaway facility to make larger projects.

The new contract covers flue gas duct work for Consumers Energy’s J.H. Campbell Complex Unit 3, the utility’s largest coal-fired generating plant located in West Olive.

MIW has previously provided clean-air equipment for J.H. Campbell Units 1 and 2, and for D.E. Karn Units 1 and 2, near Essexville.  As a result of significant investment, Michigan’s air quality is the best it’s been in more than 20 years according to a recent public statement by the state Department of Environmental Quality.

This work has helped cultivate the only Michigan fabricator capable of supplying components of this magnitude to the energy sector.

MIW, which currently has 98 employees, previously received contracts from Consumers Energy and its vendors totaling about $43 million for other clean-air equipment projects.

“Moran Iron Works is a Michigan manufacturing success story. Their metal fabrication craftsmanship on clean-air equipment is second-to-none,” said Jack Hanson, senior vice president of energy resources for Consumers Energy. “Our Promise to Michigan includes supporting homegrown companies like Moran and working together to bring value to our customers and our state.”  Hanson noted that Consumers Energy is Michigan’s second-largest investor and seventh-largest employer.

“Moran Iron Works is a great story about how MEDC programs can help a Michigan company to grow here,” said Michael A. Finney, president and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. “Consumers Energy has been a driving force behind our PMBC initiative from the start and we commend the company for its commitment to growing its business with Michigan suppliers.”