OHS hands out academic honor roll awards

by Angie Asam-Staff Writer

Following the induction of 12 new members to the Onaway High School chapter of the National Honor Society Tuesday evening, high school principal Marty Mix handed out honor roll academic awards to students.

Freshmen were eligible for an award if they had maintained at least a 3.0 grade point average for one semester. Sophomores had to have a 3.0 or higher for three semesters and juniors had to have a 3.0 or higher for five semesters.

Seniors qualified for the award by having a 3.0 or higher for seven semesters; those students were highlighted in last week’s Outlook as the honor students of the class of 2013, with more than half of the senior class graduating with honors.

Mix talked about the dedication and hard work the students receiving awards have put in to their education.

Freshmen receiving awards were Thomas Anglin, Preston Badgero, Jordan Bischer, Samantha Butler, Eleana Domke, Mollie Dunn, Jade Galer, Grace Henning, Dallas Hyde, Shauna Klein, Elaina Madison, Morgan McLean, Harry Moran, Isaac Nave, Carly Rasper, Madeline Sayers, Savanna Shultz, Joe Sigsby, Sarah Simpson, Jason Tribisondi, Derick Wregglesworth and Victoria Zapfe.

Victoria Anglin, Elise Arkwood, Moranne Badgero, Shyanne Corey, Renae Eastham, Brianna Fitzpatrick, Kristy Hopp, Danielle Hosner, Ashley LaLonde, Booke Riley, Alyssa Roat, Raymond Self, Ellexis Szymoniak, Joe Traynham and Andrew Zapfe earned  awards for being sophomores maintaining at least a 3.0 for three semesters.

Twenty-four members of the junior class took home awards. Junior award winners were Noah Bacon, Mary Bandish, Devin Bristley, Christian Cleaver, Mariah Ehrke, Sara Fullerton, Darbey Gaynor, Emily Glass, Eli Godsey, Codie Gray, Lindsey LaLonde, Emilee Madison, Michelle Malay, Hannah Materna, Jordan McKenzie, Rachel Nave, Denise Porter, Erika Price, Andrew Prow, Barb Stitt, Jazmyn Tibbits, Matthew Tollini, Tiffany Traynham and Tyler Welkin.

Senior honor students are Justin Gedda, Sam Brasseur, Amy Buckner, Emily Estep, Megan Estep, Joseph Heltsley, Cassidy Hyde, Ashley LeCureux, Temara Lupu, Molly Mason, Eleanor McLellan, Madison Nash, Morgan Robins, Jasmine Scully, Megan Self, Kallie Shimel, Lisa Tulgestke, Chae Whitsitt and Chet Winfield.

Each award winner received a certificate and a pin or medal for their accomplishments in the classroom.