Forest Township public hearing goes well

by Angie Asam

Staff Writer

Forest Township held a public hearing Tuesday evening regarding the establishment of an industrial development district via a request from Moran Iron Works for property located at 6911 Bowen Road, behind the Moran Iron Works facility on M-68.

The hearing was scheduled in consideration of an Industrial Facilities Exemption Certificate as requested by Moran Iron Works (MIW).

Marilyn Kapp, public relations director for MIW, said the plan is to build the world headquarters administrative office in that location. Currently employees in administrative positions at MIW are doubled up in offices as there is no new office space available. MIW knew it needed to do something as it continues to grow.

Working with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) MIW approached Forest Township with the idea of developing the industrial development district, which will allow a tax abatement for a few years in order to help MIW get the building constructed. MIW has been working with the MEDC on a number of initiatives including the development at the Port of Calcite in Rogers City.

The reason for the tax abatement is to allow MIW to be able to build the administrative office while still working on growing the manufacturing portion of the business.

“The hearing went really well. It was heart-warming quite frankly. Everyone on the council just raved about how much Tom and the company has invested in the community and township. They also recognized the auxiliary money, the money being made by other business. It was fabulous. We hardly had to say anything,” said Kapp.

Following the public hearing the township board approved the request. According to Kapp, MIW is now in the driver’s seat, when and if they decide to construct the building they can move forward with things. The Northern Lakes Economic Alliance also helped MIW in the effort to get the district developed.

“We know that we have to do this, it is critical that we do but we just haven’t decided when exactly we will put the shovel in the ground and get started on the project,” said Kapp.