SAVED! Save the Rogers City Theater passes $100,000 goal to purchase digital projector

The Save the Rogers City Theater drive was a success.

At approximately 3:30pm EDT Thursday, Sept. 19, the Save the Rogers City campaign passed $100,000. This will allow the 76-year old, historic, restored theater to purchase and install a state of the art digital projector. The theater will not go dark when Hollywood completes its distribution conversion from 35mm to digital.

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The $100,000 mark was reached with more than eight days left before the deadline for completion of the campaign. Pledges can still be made to the campaign.

Pledges in excess of the $100,000 will be used to purchase new auditorium seats to replace the current circa 1948 theater seats with bigger, more comfortable seats with cup-holders.  Seats will be replaced starting in the front center section and working to the back of the theater  and then to the side sections.

Pledges can be made by visiting and entering “Rogers City Theater” in the search box. The deadline for pledges is September 28, at 10:00am.