Increased traffic for newspaper’s Web site in fourth quarter

Presque Isle Newspapers has been attracting increased attention on the World Wide Web. The Facebook page is now followed by 1,338 people, up about 500 from a few months ago. New items are added several times per week, giving readers a chance to engage with the newspaper. Some 10,500 viewers, as of Tuesday noon, saw one posting, which is a video produced by publisher Richard Lamb as a promotion for the Rogers City area. A posting asking for opinions on the Grambau Center proposal, was seen by more than 4,600 and drew many comments.

A Google map shows the residence of visitors who looked at recently.

The Web site,, had an average of 5,434 viewers per week during the last quarter of 2013. That is up from an average of 2,382 per week from the third quarter, July-Sept., from last year. Viewers from Michigan were the most frequent followed by the states of Texas, California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Arizona, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The United States drew the most viewers, as expected, but viewers from 63 different countries looked at the site in the fourth quarter of last year.

The site features some, but not all, of the stories from the Advance and the Onaway Outlook, as well as videos, photos and advertisements.