IAI opens doors to first class of students

The Industrial Arts Institute (IAI) in Onaway will open for its first day of class Aug. 4. Tom Moran, CEO of Moran Iron Works (MIW), will welcome students during class orientation Aug. 4 between 8-9 a.m. in an IAI classroom.

AT THE recent Industrial Arts Institute open house, certified welding educator Mike Mehan (left) and executive director Georgia Abbott made themselves available to answer questions in one of the classrooms. (Photo by Peter Jakey)


Thirteen students have been accepted to the inaugural class and will begin an intensive 15-week curriculum aimed at “ready to work” career training with a major focus in welding and fabrication processes. “Our instructors are the best in the field,” stated Victor Ruppert, president of the IAI board of directors. “Our lab facility has equipment and space to simulate an authentic manufacturing operation that will certify students in multiple welding disciplines, highly uncommon for post-secondary trade schools.”

“The welding industry has identified the need to have qualified welders enter the workforce and we are committed to helping those interested in welding careers to be successful candidates in the welding industry upon completion of the program,” said Georgia Abbott, executive director of the IAI.

Industry and manufacturing leaders are invited to attend the IAI Talent Expo Nov. 11-12 between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. at IAI. Students will exhibit their work and be prepared to discuss their talents and career aspirations at the expo. Students will achieve several welding certifications upon completion of the course.

The IAI offers a premier comprehensive welding program that prepares students for a successful and rewarding career in the welding and manufacturing industry.

The 15-week program offers basic through intermediate welding instruction in the classroom and in the state of the art welding lab facility. Instruction also includes safety training, blueprint reading, machining, fabrication and layout, career development and preparation, and critical thinking methods.

Graduates will be prepared to enter the welding and manufacturing industry with expanded knowledge, skills and a work ethic comprehension to become an outstanding employee with exemplary talent.

To learn more go to www.iaiworks.com. The IAI is a division of Moran Iron Works, Inc.